Sep 17

Build It, And They Will Come


I sometimes search BrainyQuotes for inspirational material.

Today, for the first time, I noticed many ads, scattered among the inspirational quotes and images.

I suppose I could have considered this annoying. It’s a bit distracting, and I’d have to say I liked the site better without the ads, but, you know what?…

It just shows us, if we build a site, and get enough visitors, advertisers will pay us to let them advertise on our site.

Now, why do I suddenly feel like munching on some Pringles?

Sep 17

The Importance Of Kindness


(DO NOT LOOK AT THIS IMAGE!…just kidding.)

I’ve written about this topic more than once, but it’s something which cannot be discussed enough.

As everybody is aware, we are going to be experiencing a rare solar eclipse later today, and this presented a special concern for me, because of the danger to my eyes.

Many of you also know that I am blind in one eye, as a result of a torn retina that occurred years ago. This makes me very protective of my other eye.

When I learned of the coming eclipse, and particularly that the time of the eclipse would encompass the dismissal time at our school, I felt concerned, because my end-of-day post faces directly into the sun, and I had been unable to procure safety glasses. They all sold out quickly in this area!

I still felt bad about going to the Assistant Principal to discuss the matter. I kind of felt like I was letting them down somehow, by asking if I could switch duties just for today.

He was so kind about it, and told me, “With everything you do for this school, don’t even worry about it. Your health comes first.”

I was given an inside duty for the end of the day.

I was greatly relieved, and so much appreciated his kindness and understanding.

In life…in business…wherever you are…a little bit of kindness goes a long way!

Sep 17

Big Ben And I


(Elizabeth Tower, the 96 meter tall clock tower that houses the 13.7 ton Big Ben)

We’ve had some big changes here recently, good or bad, depending upon your point of view and your personal circumstances.

Change…it’s a constant in life, isn’t it?

Now I have read that even London’s iconic Big Ben is going through some changes.

Recently, hundreds of people gathered on Westminster Bridge and in Parliament Square to hear mighty Ben’s final bongs, breaking into impromptu applause as the final sounds were heard.

Ben will return, but not for 4 years, as much-needed renovations will be underway.

Its familiar sounds will still be heard on New Year’s Eve, but other than that and perhaps a few other special occasions, the hammers which have struck the bell every hour for 157 years will be disconnected from the clock, in order to keep the workers safe.

Big Ben is scheduled to recommence its normal bell ringing in 2021.

The lower sections of the tower are already covered in scaffolding.

4 years? Apparently this is a project of massive proportions.

Hopefully, our own adaptations will not leave us missing in action for anywhere near that long!

Sep 17

Some Thoughts On Change

We need change to get us where we’re supposed to be.

Socrates (470 BC-399 BC), was a Greek philosopher. He was a teacher of Plato.

Alan Watts (1915-1973), was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker. He helped to popularize Eastern Philosophy.

Are you ready for change?

You better be, because one thing is certain…it is not only here, but it is going to happen again!

Sep 17

Got Your Back Traffic Hacks

Here are some great Traffic Hacks

1. Create great content.

2. Link to influential Blogs.

3. Use quotes from experts.

4. Increase “Share-ability” with social buttons like Digg Digg.

5. Email your subscribers.

6. Use the SNAP plug-in, to automatically share to your social media.

7. Publish in other social hubs (Tumblr, Flipboard, Scoop.it, Rebel Mouse).

8. Post in Facebook groups, get new readers with BlogEngage, publish in sub-Reddits, and syndicate to other Blogs that are open to syndicated content.

9. Find niche groups on Linkedin. Pin on shared Pinterest boards.

10. Use Scoop.it.

11. Turn your post into a magazine article in one click, and tap into Flipboard.

12. Find Sulia.com groups with similar interests.

13. Use Google+.

14. Use Tumblr.

15. Post in niche forums, using clickable signatures which lead to your post.

16. Utilize content aggregation sites (Digg, AllTop.comTechnorati.com). Syndicate to sites (Inbound.comKingged.comBizSugar.com, and Aposts.com).

17. Repackage posts into PDF files and share on document sites (DocStoc, Scribd).

18. Share slideshows on Slideshare.

19. Turn posts into visual infographics. Go viral!

20. “Teaser” videos of posts, uploaded to YT, Vimeo, and Daily Motion.

21. Network with authorities in your niche.

22. Tweet influential people regarding your posts.

23. Email people you reference.

24. Comment on relevant Blogs, with links back to your post.

25. Use G Alerts to keep updated on new keyword relevant content, and link back to your post.

26. Contact people who have linked and share similar content.

(For additional information, contact NicheHacks. Non-affiliated.)

Sep 17

Super Successful Blogs

R.L. Adams, writing for Forbes, shares 10 Blogs that are definitely getting the job done:

10. Tuts+ ($175,000/month) Offers tutorials, site templates, digital products.

9. Smashing Magazine ($215,000/month) Education in web design and development, web development conferences, educational tutorials.

8. Gizmodo ($325,000/month) Design and technology, science, politics. Most income earned through advertising.

7. Perez Hilton . ($575,000/month) You may have seen this guy on TV! His Blog is a celebrity gossip site, which earns most of its income from ads.

6. CopyBlogger ($1,000,000/month) Online marketing advice, online tools, education on social media, blogging, and SEO. Over 200,000 customers!

5. Mashable ($2,000,000/month) Focus on social media. Main income through ads. Called one of the “25 Best Blogs in the World” by Time Magazine in 2009.

4. TechCrunch ($2,500,000/month) Reports technology news, hosts conferences.

3. Moz ($4,250,000/month) World’s most successful Blog about SEO. Professional tools and services for search engine marketers.

2. Engadget ($5,500,000/month) Advice and reviews on technology and consumer electronics. Revenue from advertising. Advice on every gadget imaginable.

1. Huffington Post ($14,000,000/month)Provides a liberal view on life and politics. Valued at over $1 billion dollars!

Think there’s money to be made from the right Blog?

You betcha!

Sep 17

Revising Our Methods

I’m not entirely sure about this one. Isn’t it possible that we may need to revise our goals, sometimes?

Heck, I’m not always sure about my goals or plans, and I’ve been around a while now.

I do know what I like, though, and I think that puts me ahead of the game.

Nothing is set in stone. Nothing.

If something isn’t working for you, change it. Just remember, you’re the one you have to please. It’s great if your family, friends, and colleagues like you, and think what you’re doing is swell, but ultimately, you’re the star of your own show.

Don’t make it a drama.

I don’t know who “Gossip Girl” is, but this makes sense to me.

(OK, I Googled it , and apparently “Gossip Girl” is a TV show, which follows the lives of privileged teens on NY’s upper east side. Walking Dead it’s not, although…)

Good ideas can come from anywhere!

Sep 17


Still looking for a niche?

Ever considered clowns?

Love ’em or hate ’em, clowns definitely get people’s attention, and they’ve been in the news lately, with several creepy “clown sightings” in various areas of the US…

Now a “Clown Motel” in Nevada is For Sale!

Situated on a deserted highway, the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada is said to be haunted.

It’s located right next to an old cemetery, full of gravestones of people who apparently met an untimely demise.

The place is full of clown figurines, paintings, mannequins, and, it has been said, live clowns!

There is an obligation written into the real estate listing contract that the new owners will maintain the clown theme.

Tonopah was a silver boomtown in 1900, but was nearly a ghost town by 1920, when mining operations shut down. Supposedly, many prospectors and townspeople were killed by an unknown plague in 1902, and 14 miners died in a mysterious mine fire in 1911.

Maelena Dufour has worked at the motel for 7 years, and reports seeing ghosts and moving mannequin hands, as well as hearing disembodied voices.

Many motel guests arrive dressed as clowns, but others who have stopped at the motel have reportedly walked into the office and screamed or fainted.

The really bad news? The owner is asking $900,000 for the motel.

One guest commented recently on the motel’s Facebook site:

“The only trouble are the voices. ‘They won’t stop whispering. They want me…they want me to do things. Terrible things.”

(Thanks to Paul Seaburn)

Sep 17

Big Ticket Amazon Products

(“1 billion drones in the world by 2030,” US futurist Thomas Frey says.)

I’ve heard it said that high-priced products are no harder to sell online than lower-priced products, and the Affiliate commissions are a lot bigger!

Here are a few Big Ticket items you might want to consider…

Air Guns and Accessories…A sport that is increasing in popularity.

Motorized Scooters-I see kids and even adults riding these quite a bit in my area.

Electric Bicycles-Cheap transportation, and the go to choice for many who lose their driver’s license due to a DUI, as no license is required!

Gun Safe-Many homeowners are protecting themselves nowadays, but it makes them vulnerable to break-ins. These protect their investment in home security.

Kayaks-With all the rivers, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico where I live, kayak rentals are a big business, and many people have one or two of their own, depending upon the size of their family.

Laptop Computers-My personal favorite, and the choice for people on the go.

Video Game Consoles-Video games have been huge for some time, and some companies are now reissuing classic packages from years past-guaranteed to be big sellers!

Digital Cameras and Accessories-There are a lot of photo buffs out there, willing to spend money on this interesting hobby.

Headphones-A lot of people are willing to spend big bucks for high quality sound!

Tablets-A lot of schools have started using tablets. They seem to be a good fit for children, but a lot of adults like them, too.

Speakers-Again, many people will pay good money for high quality sound.

Air Purifiers-Many people are aware that our air quality is less than desirable, and the companies will tell you that the air inside your home may be worse than what’s outside! A big market

Dining Room Tables and other Large Furniture-People are buying all sorts of things online today, even this type of item.

Water Filtration Equipment-So many benefits to clean water…It tastes better, your pipes last longer. Formerly sold by big marketing companies, these items are now widely available online.

Dishwashers-I use mine as a drying rack, after I’ve hand-washed the dishes, but most people take better advantage of a dishwasher, and will pay goods money to acquire one.

Golf Clubs and Accessories-I hurt my back the last time out, but I think it was from the golf cart hitting all the bumps instead of the actual golfing. Some expensive sets of clubs out there!

Jewelry-The go to item for lots of ladies, and some gentlemen, too.

Luxury Watches-These can run from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. Why not snag a piece of the pie?

Air Conditioners-A must have in Florida, where I live, and many other parts of the world. If it breaks down, we discover real quick how important it is, especially in the middle of summer!

Lawn Mowers-Mowing isn’t my favorite activity, but having a good, self-propelled machine sure makes it easier, and they don’t come cheap!

Generators-You can bet this is on people’s minds, with the tragedy in Texas! A big market, and not only for survivalists.

Fishing Boats and Gear-Another popular item in my neck of the woods, or anywhere water is accessible!

Solar Panels-For people planning to stay in their homes a while, this smart investment will eventually pay for itself…a great selling point!

Power Tools-Guys, and even some gals, love these. Great for the do-it-your-selfer or the seasoned professional!

Drones-Great new product that everybody seems to be crazy about. My church gave away two of them on Easter! (Wish I’d gotten that egg!)

Paper Shredders-In this age of compromised identity, these are almost a must!

Home Security Equipment-It’s a natural instinct to want to feel safe in your home, and these products give homeowners a sense of security. Big market!

So, there are a few high-ticket items you might want to add to your site.

Work smarter, not harder!

(Thnx Stuart Walker)

Jun 17

Escape The Traffic Jam!


A Huge Opportunity!

RIGHT NOW, according to Wealthy Affiliate research, there are more than 3.75 BILLION internet users, seeking information, trying to solve problems, and buying products and services on the World Wide Web!

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A Gigantic Market, but Lots Of Competition!

In 2014, there were 1 BILLION Websites on the Internet.

Experts say the Internet is growing exponentially!

How Do You Handle It?

What’s the secret to breaking free from the Traffic Jam and standing out in the crowd?

How do we Get Noticed?

Wealthy Affiliate Teaches us the Strategies we need!

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